Welcome to the second Ken de la Pryme website. The other one is kenhacker.com and contains essays by  Ken you will not find here. This is essentially the de la Pryme store where  you can buy his songs and download right here.  All songs here are copyrighted and all rights are reserved.  MY NEWEST SONG, Looking for Jesus in Christmas, a holiday tune, is here for free for a couple of weeks.  

My newest tune in in progress now. It is a metal Christmas (yes...) song.  After that, I will be finishing up another slow love song (tears...yes...).  Some rock blues songs will follow those later in the summer. 

Recently reminded that 22 American service members commit suicide each day, I have made my song He is a Warrior, free in memory all who have served in uniform. It is a true story. Scroll  down and  you can get the song for no charge.